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Did you or your customer get book buck with your order? First off, you might ask: What in the world is a book buck? A book buck is a notation on your yellow packing slip and a letter with your shipment indicating part of your order went out of stock between placing your order and receiving your order. Bummer! While getting a book buck can be disappointing, it is fairly easy to redeem a book buck. As a consultant, it is your job to redeem your customer’s book bucks.

Book bucks are essentially a gift certificate for the price of the book that went out of stock. You have a few options:

  1. You can redeem your book buck right away for a different book that is the same price, or
  2. You can hang on to the book buck and wait until that item comes back in stock. You can find the Out of Stock list at the top of your back office to estimate when it will return to the warehouse.

When redeeming a book buck, shipping is free! Keep in mind, if you select a book with a higher price than the item out of stock, you will be charged shipping.

To redeem a book buck, you just need to know the order number. There’s no need for your customer to mail you with the actual yellow packing slip or letter enclosed with the order.

There are two ways to redeem a book buck.

  1. You can redeem a book buck in OrderPro as a stand-alone order.
  2. You can also redeem a book buck when placing an order in OrderPro by selecting “book buck” from the dropdown menu in step 3.

Becky’s Pro Tip: If you personally get a book buck and do not have an immediate need for that title when it is back in stock or if you are able to replace your customer’s item from your own inventory, you can hang on to the book buck and use it when awarding a prize to a customer at a booth or event. For example, if I get a $25 book buck, I might use that order number when ordering my prize winner’s books. This saves me on shipping!

Watch the tutorial video to learn both ways to redeem a book buck.

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