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Cards for a Cause (CFAC) is an amazing fundraising opportunity from Usborne Books & More. This training is for current Usborne Books & More consultants. If you are not a consultant and landed here from a web search, learn more about how to partner on a fundraiser.

What is Cards for a Cause?
Cards for a Cause (CFAC) is a cash-back fundraiser. It includes 30 individually-wrapped, beautifully embellished greeting cards in a super cute box. The boxes are sold for $30 + tax. There are four different themes of card boxes: All Occasion Box 1, All Occasion Box 2, Thanks & Blanks and Kids Birthday Box.

Who can benefit from Cards for a Cause?
Any nonprofit organization, charity, school, club, sports team or even a family in need. There’s a ton of flexibility! (Note: If a school or group associated with a school benefits from the fundraiser, make sure you’re an Educational Consultant.)

How much money does the organization make? 
The organization keeps $13 on each box sold. That’s a 43% return to the cause!

How does shipping work on CFAC? 
There is a 15 box minimum on each CFAC order. The boxes ship for free, but must be sent to just one location. This fundraiser works best for a local, community group rather than customers spread across the country. If you need to ship a single CFAC box, expect to pay $10 in additional shipping. Learn more about your shipping options.

How do I involve others in the fundraiser?
CFAC is set up with order forms. This works great for a club, team or group of volunteers or students to go out and take orders. Each helper can take an order form, collect card orders and then return their orders to you. I recommend having some sample cards on hand so show off the quality.

When is a good time to do a CFAC fundraiser?
Anytime is a great time to do a CFAC fundraiser! You receive $30 sales credit for each box sold so running a CFAC is great when working toward big sales goals like HOCs, promoting to Team Leader and earning the annual incentive trip.

How do I access the CFAC marketing materials?
Visit the UBAM Home Office Branding Group for the latest images of the card boxes and cards included. There are also flyers and order forms that you can use for your fundraiser.

How much money do I make on CFAC?
CFAC commission is 10% (or $3 per box). It does not count toward the 4% monthly bonus for sales over $1000. It does count toward earning HOCs, incentive trip points and promoting to team leader.

How do I place a CFAC order in OrderPro? How much do I pay?
Placing a CFAC order in OrderPro is easy. In step two, select “Cards for a Cause (prepaid by consultant)”. Again, you need 15 boxes to meet the minimum order. You’ll be charged $17 per box, plus tax. You will keep the extra $13 you’ve collected to provide to the cause. The other option is for UBAM to bill your organization. This process takes longer and would only be required if your cause is paying with a check written to UBAM.

What if my organization is tax-exempt?
You can upload their tax-exempt certificate in Step 1 in OrderPro. This only applies to nonprofit organizations in certain states. For example, in California sales tax is required even for 501c3 nonprofit organizations. Ask the charity that you are fundraising for if they are exempt from sales tax.

How do I order a sample CFAC box?
The next time you place an order in OrderPro, just add a sample box. Search for the title of the cards (like occasion or thanks) to easily find them. You’ll pay $30 for the sample box since the minimum order is 15 boxes for the fundraiser. Also, if another team member in your area is running a CFAC, you can always order from their fundraiser, too.

Becky’s Pro-Tip: While CFAC is designed as a cash-back fundraising option, you can “double dip” and still provide a cause books! Run a CFAC fundraiser, then take the $13 proceeds and use that toward a book fair fundraiser. You’ll receive the full $30 sales credit on each box sold, plus you’ll also get book fair commission and sales credit on the $13 raised. That’s $43 of sales credit for each box sold! 😉

Here is a short video about CFAC to learn more. Who can you think of that would benefit from a CFAC fundraiser?

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