Leader Guide: Increase Your Team’s Engagement

As a direct sales leader, there’s times when my team has ultimate engagement. Everyone is working. Everyone is cheering each other on. There’s oodles of comments and likes on our team’s Facebook group posts. Energy is at an all-time high. It feels good – you’re in the...

Setting the Vision for Your Direct Sales Team

Today let’s talk about something that gets me REALLY excited as a leader! Setting your vision and defining culture for your direct sales team. AND if you don’t have a team, yet… keep reading. It’s never too early to think about what you’ll create! As a leader one of...

Stand Out: Build Your Personal Brand

Hey direct selling friend, tell me — what is your brand? Nope, not your company brand – YOUR brand. What the what?! A personal brand within your direct sales’ company brand? That’s right. Let’s get to business. Why would I need my “own” personal brand? You want...

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