Share Your Story

YOU are what makes your business so special! Because let’s be real — there are others that are selling the exact same products. That’s why it’s so important to be YOU. And you are so so special. Seriously.When you tell your story, your followers will get to know...

10 Customer Deets to Track

While I have been blessed to have a nice big healthy customer base, I have embarrassingly mixed up customers. Have you been there? Oy! It’s the worst. I’ve messaged someone about an order and it was meant for the other Jennifer. Or, I have followed up with someone...

Stand Out: Build Your Personal Brand

Hey direct selling friend, tell me — what is your brand? Nope, not your company brand – YOUR brand. What the what?! A personal brand within your direct sales’ company brand? That’s right. Let’s get to business. Why would I need my “own” personal brand? You want...

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