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YOU are what makes your business so special! Because let’s be real — there are others that are selling the exact same products. That’s why it’s so important to be YOU. And you are so so special. Seriously.When you tell your story, your followers will get to know...

2020: Best Year Yet

2020: Best Year Yet 2020 Your Best Year Yet Workbook!Enter your name and email to download the FREE 2020 Your Best Year Yet planning workbook and kick 2020 off right! I'M IN! Check your email to confirm your address and download the workbook! Plan with me! I bet...

Should I quit my direct sales biz?

If you’re reading this, the thought “Should I quit my direct sales biz?” has crossed your mind. Or, you’ve likely had teammates on the fence between staying and going, spending countless hours debating whether it is worth it and if they can muster up the strength to...

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