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Using the Consignment Worksheet

Using the consignment worksheet is easy peasy! Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get you ready to reconcile your consignment!

  • Most importantly, this works BEST on a computer!
  • Once you’re on your computer, pick a tab: Book Fair or Event.

If you’re reconciling a Book Fair, where your organization is receiving 50% back in free books, select the Book Fair tab of the worksheet.

  • In the purple cells, enter the total retail of books sold at the book fair, total retail of online orders through the eFair and total retail of paper orders taken at the book fair.
  • Once you populate those three top cells, the rest of the worksheet will auto-populate for you.
  • Create an order in OrderPro. Then, follow the green cells step-by-step once you get to Step 3 in OrderPro.
  • 1) Reconcile the full retail amount; 2) Import eFair; 3) Add books from paper orders at full retail; 4) Add free books for the organization.

If you’re reconciling as an Event, where you are keeping the 50% back in free books, select the Events tab of the worksheet. Although you did an event, you will still select a Book Fair in Step 2 of OrderPro when reconciling.

  • In the purple cells, enter the full retail of books sold at the event.
  • Once you populate the top cell, the rest of the worksheet will auto-populate for you.
  • You have two options to reconcile. You can have the 50% back in free books ship to you or you can keep the free books from your consignment (which you may have already sold full-price –woohoo for more profit!).
  • The worksheet above will auto-calculate how much to add in full retail and merchandise allowance.
  • Your total retail sales will be deducted from your consignment balance even if you select to not ship your 50% back in free books.

Need more help? Hop on over to a tutorial on using the consignment worksheet and placing the consignment reconcilation order in OrderPro. 

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