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Book lady confession: I never planned to do a home party. For real. I was ROCKING my business just doing Facebook parties and thought skipping the home party scene would just be fine. Womp womp. After a few months, I realized I was missing a HUGE opportunity. First off, home parties are super fun. I usually get to drink mimosas, hold babies, and make new friends. Also, some of my customers WANT to see the books in person, touch the books, see the quality and have an excuse to get out of the house and do some shopping. Next selling points – home parties are almost guaranteed sales! If a guest shows up at your home to check out some books, they’re likely going to buy a few. Plus, the energy of a home party feeds off the other guests. They begin suggesting books for each other and discovering new titles together. It’s good for sales! All that to say, don’t skip a home party! Set a date for a home party and a back-up date for your guests that can’t make it that day. Here are the logistics for a home party that you need to know:

When? It’s truly up to your hostess. I find Sunday evenings work well. I also love a “Books & Brunch” theme on Saturday mornings. If you’re in a playgroup, a weekday morning get together can also be effective.

How do I invite?  Just like a Facebook party, you want to personally invite your guests. You can use an e-vite, a Facebook event or SedStamp to track RSVPs. Often times, I will provide my hostesses with cute postcards to hand out to friends, a sample email invitation or an image that they can text out to their friends and family when inviting.

What’s the set up? For a home party, you’re going to set up the books from your kit. You can easily display them on a coffee table or dining room table. Bring your branded box to easily transport books and create some height on your display (Psst…. Having some drinks and snacks for your guests is nice, too!).

What else should I bring? You definitely want to bring full and mini catalogs, pens, order forms, and some change in case your guests pay with cash. If you have the Post-It note wish lists and lead forms, I would bring those along, as well. I often raffle off a prize so you might want to bring along a small giveaway too. Make sure you bring your planner or calendar so you can book future parties as well.

What do I say at the party? You can be as formal or informal as you’d like at your home party. My first home party was basically me hanging out with my friends with some books and catalogs on the table. I do definitely suggest you take a few minutes to share a little about WHY you decided to join, mention the amazing replacement policy, ask if anyone would like to get free and discounted books by hosting a party, and highlight some of your favorite books and their features. It doesn’t need to be a long lecture, but at least a high-level overview of Usborne Books & More.

How do I take orders? When your guests are ready to place an order, you’ll have them complete an order form. Make sure to add your local sales tax and shipping. Shipping is $6 up to a $75 order to have the books shipped directly to the guest or 8% for orders over $75 or if they’d like their books delivered to the hostess. This means that if someone is just ordering 1-2 books, it may be more cost effective for them to have the books ship to the hostess. If they’re paying with a credit card, you can take their payment via Square or write down their credit card information so you can enter it in OrderPro at the conclusion of the party.

Why should I recruit my home party hostess? It’s likely your home party hostess will have a ton of fun. I mean, she’s already opened her home to you so she’s clearly passionate about the books. Unlike an online party where orders are placed on your eCommerce site, if your hostess decides to join your team, you can attribute the sales credit and commission for her party to her as an added incentive for joining. Yes, you’d lose the sales credit BUT you’ll gain a team member which is even BETTER for growing your business in the long-haul.

How do I enter home party orders in OrderPro? If you have orders shipping to a guest, you’ll enter those in eCommerce first. For the rest of the orders shipping to your hostess, you’ll enter orders those in the “full retail” category in OrderPro. Then, you’ll enter your hostess reward order so all the books will ship together.


Watch this short video to learn:

  • Why home parties are a lucrative aspect of your business
  • How to book parties from home parties
  • Why home parties are great for recruiting

Becky’s Bonus Tip: Consider a home party theme like “Books & Brunch” or “Coloring between the Wines” or “Mom’s Night Out”  to generate even more excitement among your friends. They will want to attend when your party theme screams FUN! 


Your To-Do List:

  • Set a home party date and back up date.
  • Create a home party box of supplies.
  • Jot down some notes of what you’d want to say at your home party.
  • Comment below with what excites and scares you about a home party.
  • Download the 30 Day Launch Workbook.


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