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I LOVE to give books away! It is one of the most fun parts of being an Usborne Books & More consultant. My hostesses and customers are so excited when I give them a bonus book or when they win a prize for a free book. It’s also a great incentive to book parties, gain repeat customers, and build a community of followers that truly love that you are their book lady!

There are several categories of “rewards” that will be helpful to learn:

  • Hostess Rewards: Usborne Books & More generously offers rewards to hostesses with a qualifying party over $100. Hostesses receive free and half-off books for hosting. For example, a $100 party gets your hostess $10 in free books AND $25 worth of books at half-price. During your first 12 weeks in your incentive period, all parties over $250 in sales with one party booking receive double free books. Once you are out of your incentive period, there is always a monthly hostess special the usually provides $50-100 in extra free books. NOTE: Your double hostess rewards is ALWAYS a better deal than the monthly special. Visit your back office, consultant toolbox for the rewards chart.
  • $50 Bonus Books @ 65% off: Additionally, when closing a party, you will order your hostess’ rewards in back office and will have an opportunity to order $50 worth of books at a 65% discount. This means, you pay 35% the retail price which would work out to be $17.50 for $50 worth of books. You can use these bonus books however you’d like. You can offer an extra book to your hostess as a booking incentive. You can offer an extra $10 free if they have 25 guests “going” to their facebook party. You can use the full $50 to stock up on prizes for your party guests. You have a lot of freedom to create promotions that work for you. Keep in mind, you are still paying 35% of the cost out of pocket.
  • Prizes: Your customers will attend your parties because you make them FUN. What’s more fun than a prize or giveaway? This is certainly not required, but definitely adds some excitement to the party. You also need to make sure your giveaway strategy is cost-effective. Let’s talk about how to maximize the rewards provided by home office so your out-of-pocket expense is minimal. Here are some of my typical giveaways and prizes:
    • Party prize: I usually give away at least one prize to a customer for participating in the party. I typically mail out a sample set of Animal Doodles. These come in a set of 50 for $9.99 and I can split them in packs of 5-10 cards and get a few prizes out of each pack. They fit in a 5×7 envelope and can be mailed out with just 2 stamps. Mini books are also a good prize. They range from $1.99-$3.99 each and are lightweight enough that shipping isn’t painful. If my customer is local, I might take a book from my inventory and hand-deliver. You could do this with books that arrive with your kit.
    • Hostess prize: When a hostess agrees to have a party with me, I offer her a prize. I usually will use the $50 bonus book category when I’m closing her party to ship her prize with her hostess rewards. This saves me on shipping and the time required to package and mail out a prize.

Watch this short video to learn:

  • How hostess rewards work from Usborne Books & More
  • How to use prizes to get bookings
  • How to leverage the hostess rewards from home office to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses

Becky’s Bonus Tip: As an Usborne Books & More consultant, YOU receive hostess rewards, as well. Make sure you always have an “open” party so you can begin accumulating hostess rewards on small orders and orders placed outside of a party. Make sure to close out your party before your first 12 weeks in the biz are over so you can take advantage of those double hostess rewards!

Your To-Do List:

  • Watch this 10-minute video on hostess rewards and prizes.
  • Decide on what prize(s) you’re going to offer to your customers and hostesses.
  • Comment below with which rewards YOU are most excited about.
  • Download the 30 Day Launch Workbook.

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