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Last Update to the Inventory Tracker File: 1/9/2020

There are many reasons you will want to keep track of your inventory. For tax purposes you need to report your inventory on your Schedule C or if you are preparing for a large booth event or book fair you might want to know that you came home with all the books your should have. Use the form below to download our FREE Inventory Tracker which will help you quickly and easily manage your inventory. It allows for keeping track of inventory in a spreadsheet or uploading your inventory to Sqaure for real-time inventory tracking. After you have downloaded the Inventory Tracker, watch the video below to learn how to use the Inventory Tracker with your barcode scanner.  If you don’t already have a barcode scanner, you can purchase our recommended scanner for about $40 on Amazon.

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Disclaimer: This information and associated files are provided as-is for your information only.  They were created using the best information available at the time.  They have been tested and are actively being used by consultants.  We are not responsible for any inaccuracies contained within the files.  Should you decide to use the files you do so at your own risk.  If you have any issues using the files or discover any missing titles or incorrect prices please let us know so we can correct them.  Thanks!

The Inventory tracker is provided in a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) format.  If you don’t have Excel you can upload the file to Google Sheets and it works almost exactly the same.

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I clicked the link to download the file in the email I received and got an error. What do I do?

If you clicked a download link that was in an old email you previously received and there has been an update to the Inventory Tracker since that email, you will get an error when you try to download the file.  Fill out the form again on this blog page to get a link to the latest Inventory Tracker file.

I have a bunch of single books from sets that were broken up. The singles don't have barcodes. Is there any way to scan them so I don't have to manually type them in?
Yes! We made some custom barcodes that are included in the Inventory Tracker for scanning singles from the Beginner Reference, Peek Inside, Phonics Books, That’s Not My Zoo, Picture Book and Puzzle Book sets. You can download the barcode file by clicking here. If you find you need other custom barcodes let us know so we can add them to the next release!
Can I sort my inventory list Alphabetically by title?
If you want to sort your inventory list of just what is in stock from the Pre-Event tab do the following:

1) Right click on one of the tabs at the bottom and click “Unhide” and select “Pre-Event Stock Horz”.
This list is essentially the Pre-Event tab just reformatted to put each entry in a single row. Since the entries are in a single row on this tab (instead of 2 rows on the Pre-Event tab) they can be sorted

2) Click Review –> Unprotect Sheet

3) Create a new blank worksheet

4) Copy the table in the “Pre-Event Stock Horz” tab to the new worksheet. Make sure to use Paste Values so the formulas don’t get copied, just the values.

5) Select a cell in the top row of the new worksheet the click Data –> Filter

6) Now you should see little drop down arrows in the column headers. Click the one in the Title column and then select Sort A to Z.

Excel may convert the SKU to scientific notation after you paste the data to the new worksheet.  To fix that select the whole SKU column then on the Home ribbon in the Number section click the little box/arrow button in the bottom-right to open the Format Cells box. On the Number tab select Number and set the Decimal places to 0 then click OK.


Do you have a list of changes that have been made to the Inventory Tracker?

1/9/2020 –

  • Add December 2019 new releases

10/8/2019 –

  • Add October 2019 new releases

7/12/2019 –

  • Deleted Spanish characters ¿ and ¡ that were causing an error when uploading to Square

7/8/2019 –

  • Add July 2019 new releases

3/12/2019 –

  • Add March 2019 new releases
  • Change Learning Wrap prices from 8.99 to 9.99

1/23/2019 –

  • Add January 2019 new releases

10/13/2018 –

  • Add October 2018 new releases
  • Deleted a few duplicates
  • Add the following for singles from packs:
    • Christmas Picture Book, Single 100000000045 4.99
    • Weather Picture Book, Single 100000000052 4.99
    • Picture Book Gift Set, Single 100000000069 4.99
    • Puzzle Book Pack, Single 100000000076 3.99

7/17/2018 – Correct the prices on the following items from $10.99 to $8.99:

  • Billie’s Animal Hospital Adventure 9781610676076
  • Billie’s Outer Space Adventure 9781610676083
  • Billie’s Underwater Adventure (H) 9781610674560
  • Billie’s Great Desert Adventure (H) 9781610674577
  • Billies Wild Jungle Adventure (H) 9781610675536
  • Billies Yummy Bakery Adventure (H) 9781610675543

6/16/2018 –

  • Added new releases from June 2018.
  • Corrected price from $8.99 to $9.99 on Sticker Dolly Dressing Around the World 9780794539801.
  • Add The Writing Box 9780794540456 9780794540456 34.99
  • Add Magic Painting 2pk 9780794540944 9780794540944 9.99
  • Add Coloring Book Collection 9780794540432 9780794540432 24.99
  • Add Big Book of Fingerprint Activities 9780794540715 9780794540715 29.99
  • Add 10 Days to Addition Mastery Learning Wrap-Ups 18343077016 19.99

3/31/2018 – Fix broken formulas preventing some books from showing up. 3/9/2018 – Add March releases.  Added new SKU on Anna Hibiscus Book 3 and 4. 12/17/2017 – Add December releases.  131 titles total added.

10/6/2017 – Add mid-season releases.  31 titles total added.  Correct price of #1 Spotter from 4.99 to 5.99.

9/8/2017 – Fixed block of barcodes with last 5 digits of the ISBN 605xxx. The preceding digits in the barcodes should be 9781933 but were 9781610. Fixed issue where Square Upload tab did not have the correct quantities for entries on the Pre-Event tab after row 501. Calculations are correct now for as many entries are allowed on the Pre-Event tab. 8/26/2017 – Correct there’s a Mouse About the House 9781601304193 (is now $11.99 but was incorrectly $10.99 in previous versions).  Add 49 other missing titles including Mini books, Fizz and a bunch of Library quality books.  Add a “LocationEnable” column which is needed for users that have multiple locations enabled in their Square account. 8/19/2017 – Add Shine-A-Light: In the City, 9781610675994, 12.99, H 7/26/2017 – Add mid-year releases for July 2017.  91 titles total were added to the file. 6/17/2017 – Add new releases for June 2017 . 5/5/2017 – Add Rain Forest Masks P, 9781610675475, 11.99. Update Pre- and Post-Event tabs so you can enter up to 1000 books now (was previously 250). 3/31/2017 – Add Town and Country, H, 9781610675499, 12.99 and Listen and Learn Get Ready for School, BD, 9780794539856 19.99. 3/30/2017 – Add Rubber Stamp Activities, SH, 9780794540074, $19.99. Correct SKUs for Jack Russell #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 paper backs. Add SKUs for a single book broken up from the following collections: Phonics (100000000021), Peek Inside (100000000014), That’s Not My Zoo (100000000038), Beginning Reference (100000000007). 3/17/2017 – Add Jungle Magic Painting Book and Under the Sea Magic Painting Book.  Add the 21 new releases for March 2017. 3/12/2017 – Add Coding for Beginners Using Python.

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