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YOU are what makes your business so special! Because let’s be real — there are others that are selling the exact same products. That’s why it’s so important to be YOU. And you are so so special. Seriously.

When you tell your story, your followers will get to know you. Isn’t social media powerful that way–there are many people I’m sure you can think of that you’ve never met before but you genuinely feel a connection with, like you know them, and that’s because they share their stories.

Your story is what will make you stand out, and frames what you will and want to be known for. And we all know people see straight through the spammy and scripted posts–so stop that!  

Instead, share your story and speak from your heart–be real.

Authenticity is such a beautiful thing. I know it can be a little scary at first to put yourself out there, but I’m telling you, people will want to buy from you because of a real connection, with a real person.

Every so often, I hear from a customer that they used to buy from another rep within my company. But, they made a switch. I’m always surprised and caught off guard. And then it hits me… I was given the honor to take care of them as a customer, not because I had a better product. Nope. We sell the same thing.

Why? Because they connected with me. They heard my story. They related to my crazy kids jumping in the back of my live video. They liked how I was real and authentic about my day-to-day life. They saw a little of themselves in me. I didn’t just share boring images that they could also get from our corporate Facebook page. I shared me. I provided value. I did me.

Let’s do a little exercise. Are you ready? I want you to take a minute to think about 3-5 words that define you. The words that you want to come up in a conversation about you (when you aren’t in the room!)  
Did you do it? If not, close your eyes and seriously take a moment. 🙂

What did you come up with? Are you a volunteer? Entrepreneur? A mom? These words make up your personal brand and when you share your story, you’re building your brand and letting people in to get to know the real you. And by getting to know the real you, you’re building relationships.  And relationships = more sales.

Here are 3 stories you can share to grow relationships and increase sales.

1. Share what you love about your business.

There’s lots to love about your biz–amiright? And when you talk about why you love your business your enthusiasm will show. Is it the freedom and flexibility? The awesome people you’ve met? Maybe it’s the financial security you’ve achieved? Whatever it is, start telling that story!

2. Share how you started in your biz and how it’s changed your life for the better.

Be authentic and let people learn about you and your business.

What got you interested in starting your biz? What was your life like before you started? How has your life changed for the better? What have you learned about yourself since starting your biz?

3. Share your “why”.

This will give people a real idea of what makes you tick. There is no right or wrong answers–your why is a YOURS and it’s a powerful story that will build relationships because they’re getting to know the real you and why you do what you do!

Get comfortable sharing your story in your VIP group, during parties, and when you meet potential customers and team members.

The more you share your story, the easier it’ll flow! What story will you share today?

I’d love to hear what 3-5 words you came up with that define you. Share in the comments what you will and want to be known for!

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