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There’s SO much learning to do about the books and the history of Usborne Books & More. This is the great news: You don’t need to know it all to get started! That’s why you have an amazing Team Leader and Sponsor that will help you with book recommendations while you’re learning the ropes. You are the expert to your customers and that’s all that matters. You’re lucky to have a tribe behind-the-scenes supporting you! Here are some fast facts about Usborne Books & More and you can dive deeper as you grow your business.

  • Usborne Publishing is based in the UK.
  • Usborne Books & More was founded in 1973 as the US distributor for Usborne Publishing. Headquarters are in Paradise (aka Tulsa, Oklahoma).
  • The “& More” represents Kane Miller Publishing. We are lucky to have both Usborne & Kane Miller books in our catalog.
  • Usborne Books & More is a publicly traded company and can be found under EDUC.
  • Our catalog has over 1,800 books from babies to young adults. They are the most interactive, engaging, and brain-boosting books on the market.
  • Randall White is our CEO. He is a huge fan of OSU, plays the banjo and is often spotted in the warehouse packing boxes. Also, he as a fan club. For real – You can join it – The Randall White Fan Club.
  • Heather Cobb, our VP, has purple (and sometimes pink) hair and LOVES a great pair of shoes. 😉
  • Usborne has grown exponentially this last year. While there have been a few “growing pains” it is an exciting time to be part of a company with incredible momentum.

One of the best resources to learn about the books is the catalog. Flipping through the catalog and reading the descriptions of the books is a fantastic way to learn about the range of titles. Pop on over to YouTube and search for Usborne. You will find endless hours of book overviews from consultants around the country. This is a great way to “see inside” the books. Also, browse your website and view how the books are separated by category. If your team has a product knowledge group, that’s also a great resource to get book recommendations and learn from other team members.


Watch this quick video to learn:

  • My elevator speech when someone asks me about Usborne Books & More
  • What makes Usborne Books & More unique from other publishers

Becky’s Tip: Share your family’s favorite books. Customers will hear how much you love them and will add those books to their wish list first.


Your To-Do List:

  • Spend some time with your catalog, website and YouTube.
  • Subscribe to your favorite YouTube “channels” to receive notifications of new videos.
  • Practice your elevator speech describing Usborne Books & More to someone you don’t know.
  • Download the 30 Day Launch Checklist & Workbook.


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