new to direct sales? i bet you’re wondering…


Will this work?

Where do I start?

Can I make money?

What do I need to know?

feeling overwhelmed?  anxious?  excited?  lost?  unprepared?


Learning the ropes with any party-based direct sales company can feel overwhelming in the beginning.  Growing your knowledge and expertise through training is a critical step to successfully launch your business.

I’m so excited that you took the plunge – that takes guts!  Annnnd, bonus high-five: you are HERE and ready to learn.  So let’s dive in!

tools of the trade

Not a newbie?  Check out training for established direct sellers or leaders.

Organize Your Finances and Prepare for Taxes

Organize Your Finances and Prepare for Taxes

Congratulations! You have decided to get started in direct sales! That officially makes you a business owner! It is such an exciting time! Being a business owner has many advantages hourly or salary employees do not enjoy. To fully get these benefits of being a business owner it is important to get your business finances organized. In this post we’ll share the things we’ve learned in our entrepreneurial journey and how we organize and keep track of our business finances and prepare for tax season.

Should I quit my direct sales biz?

Should I quit my direct sales biz?

Has the thought “Should I quit my direct sales biz?” ever crossed your mind? Or, do you have teammates on the fence about staying or going? Well today, let’s talk about just that — Should I quit my direct sales biz?

What NOT to say as a direct seller! How to Reach Your Goals the right way.

What NOT to say as a direct seller! How to Reach Your Goals the right way.

How do you say what you want to say without sounding too aggressive, spammy, and awkward?! I’ve been around the direct sales industry for a while now, and I’ve noticed some things that happen time and time again that are huge barriers to getting a yes. Today let’s talk about these mistakes (so you can avoid them) AND my best solutions!

Back to Business Essentials

Back to Business Essentials

Enjoy a quick round-up of my favorite business essentials. I’d also love to hear what is on your list. What’s your fave office supply, book or tool?

featured products

Perfectly Crafted PMs, DMs and Texts

  • My actual, proven PMs, DMs and Texts that I send to new leads.
  • Specific messages for inviting someone you know (and don’t know!) to follow your business, party invites, follow up messages to close more sales, scripting when asking for a booking and messaging when asking a contact to join your team.
  • Hot Business Tips on how to make sure you have an effective conversation.

52 Tips: Build a Thriving Direct Sales Business

  • A clear formula to step into your direct sales business with ease
  • Actionable tips for you to stand out from the rest.
  • A road map for building your business and team with confidence.


  • Instant access to the Grow Your Direct Sales Biz Bundle (over 35 lessons!)
  • Monthly Masterminds, Office Hours, Tech Support and real-time Coaching & Support
  • Join a community of direct sales go-getters sharing success stories and rooting you on

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