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As an Usborne Books & More consultant, YOU are a business owner. How exciting is that?! While this may feel like a hobby or a fun project for now, it is important to be professional and take your job seriously. Your customers expect that from you! Here are a few tips that will up your game and professionalize your job as an Usborne consultant.

  • Business Cards: Having business cards on hand when you bump into someone at the grocery store or to include in thank you notes are essential. Business cards can be ordered through Vistaprint or Moxie Media.
  • Custom Web Address: Consider creating a business name and get your own web address rather than using the link provided by home office. This is usually less than $15 and makes it SO much easier to share. Watch a tutorial to learn how.
  • Update your Facebook Profile: Update your personal profile to include a professional and clear headshot of yourself. This is your customers’ and hostesses’ first impression of you. Add Usborne Books & More and your website URL to your background information.
  • Be Responsive: Your customers are your responsibility. Be responsive, follow up, ask them how they like their books, answer their questions and you’ll become their “go-to” when ordering books.
  • Be Authentic: Be genuine and authentic. Don’t spam your friends with links to shop on your personal page. Be yourself and post how much your kids love the books. Keep a balance of personal (80%) and business (20%) posts. You want to make friends through this business, not get blocked!


Watch this quick video to learn:

  • Where to find business supplies to order
  • Why having a custom web address is awesome
  • How to update your Facebook profile in less than 5 minutes
  • How being responsive and authentic will build a loyal customer base and not turnoff friends

Becky’s Bonus Tip: Pick a web address that is easy to remember and type (no special characters or strange spelling). Use a .com, if possible – you’ll look more legit!


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