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by | Jul 3, 2017 | UBAM | 6 comments

Who loves storytime?! I do!

Storytime is a fantastic way to build your business in a fun way! I’ve learned first-hand how storytime can create a big impact in my community. I read 1-2 times per month. Kids and parents love it! The store that I read at loves that I bring parents into their store on a regular basis. I’ve met hostesses, found team members and made some great sales during storytime. Consider storytime as an investment to build relationships in your community. They will pay off over time! Plus, what’s better than watching children fall in love with our amazing books? It will remind you why you do this!

Here is a checklist of questions to consider before scheduling your first storytime:

  • How often will you run a storytime? (weekly, monthly, just one time)
  • Where will you run a storytime? (at your house, a mom meetup group, coffee shop, indoor playground)
  • What will I say when I reach out to a potential venue and ask to offer a storytime?
  • What can you offer the business for hosting a storytime?
  • What can you offer to the families for attending your storytime?
  • Will I offer books to sell at storytime?
  • What books will you read?
  • How will I promote storytime to make sure families show up?

Watch my short video on setting a storytime. Leave a comment below and tell me how storytime is going for you!

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